Best for many wedding photos

Each wedding photo book provider runs books in XL format, which are very suitable for many wedding photos. Maximum 2500 photos, but you should limit yourself to the look at 2000.

Finally, there are some tips from the weddix editorial team, which you should always take into consideration when choosing your photo book to get the most out of your photos:

Ongoing pages: With flat pages you can also look at large portrait photos without the hassle of waves. It is best to ask the supplier directly if this is the case.
Good digital camera: No matter how much money and time you invest in a wedding photo book, it is only as good as the quality of the wedding photos!
The right paper. Fotopapier lets your photos shine so radically. If a provider does not have this option, you should definitely use premium paper (for example Photobox). This is stronger than the normal paper and therefore also more resistant.

Photos can be developed: For the sample one can let the Fotobuch offerer develop some of the wedding photos. So you get a very good impression about the print quality of the pictures!
Cover. Most suppliers offer a selection of beautiful covers. For the wedding is best a timeless and high-quality leather binding or linen cover. But also a wedding photo on the cover makes itself particularly good!

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